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With over 20 years experience in scheduling systems for the manufacturing industry, The Scheduling Business would like to present:

AI Wallace
In a world where small improvements lead to big returns, AI Wallace provides a huge step forward in scheduling technology.

Producing optimised schedules for complex data sets and manufacturing problems has never been easier. Using evolutionary AI, Wallace will produce measurable improvements in revenue, downtime and turnaround. Solving problems out of the reach of classic scheduling approaches, while being more reactive and adaptable.

Evolutionary AI

This slowed-down animation demonstrates evolutionary algorithms acting on a schedule. We’ve marked the optimal solution in colours so you can see how close Wallace is to finding it.

Powerful AI Scheduling


AI Wallace is built with modern frameworks and cutting edge techniques. We’re passionate about optimising every aspect of our code to bring you lightning fast scheduling, without the baggage of legacy systems.


Traditional scheduling systems must rely on a significant amount of human input to produce a reasonable schedule. AI Wallace’s Smart Evolutionary Algorithms produce complex optimised schedules with no human input.


Unlike traditional “hard coded” scheduling rules, AI Wallace is fully flexible. If you decide what makes a “good” schedule for you has changed, Wallace can be notified about these changes and will adapt accordingly.


AI Wallace builds an initial schedule then looks at the schedule as a whole before making 1000s of changes, continuously improving and optimising as it goes. This allows Wallace to tackle questions which require a finished schedule to answer such as “Can we reduce the time it takes from when an order starts until it ends?”.


Without the need for human input, AI Wallace can react to machine breakages and other unplanned alterations within minutes. As Wallace rarely takes holidays and works 24/7 it is always available.


Success in industry relies on advancements in techniques and technology. These improvements are made by understanding the data we have, the data we need and the goal we want to reach. Manufacturing Scheduling is no different. AI Wallace quantifies each schedule it produces using its knowledge from past schedules, current data and your business goals to produce increasingly optimal schedules.

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In a world more connected than ever it is crucial that data can flow through your business quickly and effortlessly. AI Wallace provides out of the box connectivity to popular ERP systems and a modern Restful API which can be used to integrate Wallace seamlessly with new or existing software.

Super Wallace connects to popular software


Traditional Systems
AI Wallace

On Site Development Time

Days / weeks.

Hours / days.


Custom development time + £20,000 license.

License starts at £6,000 / year. No development cost when using the standard system.

Scheduling Types

Forward / backward based on sequence rank.

AI Evolutionary Algorithms.

Able to setup without industry knowledge?

Writing advanced rules requires the developer to understand requirements.
Business requirements described in simple english, AI Wallace creates rules.

Continuous Schedule Improvement?

Produces an ordered list and puts these on the schedule one at a time in a single pass.
1000s of iterations as AI Wallace continuously improves on its previous schedule.

Optimise by overall time?

The scheduling engine works forward in time one operation at a time, it can’t know how long the schedule might be.
AI Wallace builds an initial schedule and uses this as a base for continuous improvement.

Multi platform?

Old coding frameworks. Windows desktop computer only.
Modern cross-platform frameworks supporting Desktop, Tablets and Mobiles.

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Complexity, Without the Complications

As Wallace uses AI Evolutionary Algorithms to work out how to produce the best schedule for you, there are no hard coded schedule rules. No requirement for a developer to understand your complex requirements and no costly development time. If your business needs change, rules can be updated to change the importance of different factors or add new ones.

Wallace makes this easy.

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